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Pentecost Sunday starts the second period of Ordinary Time, the longest liturgical season, as it continues until the Advent season begins again. In the first span of Ordinary Time we have wonderful prayer opportunities with our families.

Many display their nativities until this day. This is also the time for Candlemas Blessing of the Candles , when parishes may have a prayer service; families bring candles to be blessed for use in their homes during the year. This is a time of conversion, maturation, and quiet growth. See Matthew The Spirit does for us and the Church what Jesus did for his disciples — he left them with his love, fire, and Spirit to share with the world. Trinity Sunday is celebrated the first Sunday after Pentecost. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith and many parishes celebrate Eucharistic processions or Holy Hours at this time.

We reverence our Lord as the King of all — and pray that all on earth may praise him now — as we look forward to living with him eternally in heaven forever.

The season of Ordinary Time that occurs in the warmer months may prompt us to link our daily prayers with the enjoyment of nature:. There is a wonderful harmony between the mystery of Christ and the celebration of the Saints.

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Ordinary Time is a great time to explore the lives of the saints on their feast days. As we follow the saints feast days and share their stories with our children, we can find significance in their lives that can be related to our own. Great saints to get to know in Ordinary Time:.

Everyday God: The Spirit of the Ordinary

Find out more or adjust your settings. What have I overlooked because I thought I knew what I was looking for? Birthdays are a good thing to celebrate. Churches around the world celebrate the birth of the Christian church here on earth on the Day of Pentecost. Birthdays are also a good time for reflecting.

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When it comes to Easter and Christmas, we take time to collectively and individually reflect on things. Let us consider how we can lessen the complications of our daily lives, which prevent us from banding together. Nice work here. Thanks for writing. I have always felt Pentecost deserved a season so I consider the period between the Day of Pentecost and the first Sunday of Advent the Season of Pentecost. We are aspiring to bring it to the fore in our New Room work.

Excellent article. I stumbled into the Heidelberg Catechism and three very modern books about it. There were many watershed moments in the encounter as all the random bits and pieces of Christianity I had collected finally found a home in a much bigger understanding. Sadly, I realized the church had been missing some important dates beyond Christmas and Easter—in fact, I finally realized—it hit me like a ton of bricks—that those two were only steps to the two things that have the greatest impact on us today: the Ascension and Pentecost.

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Craig Barnes put it this way:. We will make just as big a mess of it as we did the first chance. What we need is a risen and ascended Savior who continues to redeem our lives, unfold our salvation, and transform us into men and women who are free to pursue holiness. We were saved by grace, but we grow into the Christian life by the grace of a Savoir who is not done.

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Jesus continues to free us to do good. And the Spirit continues to make our hearts so grateful that we want to do it.

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Craig Barnes. So yes, let us reclaim proper balance and celebrate the Ascension and declare a season of Pentecost. We have learned to celebrate Easter and Christmas so well, they have spilled out into the culture at large; what if we learned to do the same with the Ascension and Pentecost? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share on Facebook. Key Leaders of the Wesleyan Movement.

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