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During construction on the London Underground , workers penetrate a cave. A huge dragon emerges from hibernation , incinerating the workers with its breath. The only survivor is a boy, Quinn Abercromby Ben Thornton , whose mother, Karen Alice Krige - the construction crew chief - is crushed to death protecting him.

The dragon flies out of the Underground, and soon more dragons appear. It is revealed through newspaper clippings and the narration that dragons are the species responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. They are speculated to hibernate after destroying most living creatures until the planet repopulates. Mankind's militaristic resistance, including nuclear weapons in , only hastens the destruction, and by , humans are nearly extinct. They are starving while awaiting harvest.

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Although most trust Quinn, some are restless and defiant. Eddie David Kennedy and his group steal a truck to pick tomatoes, though it is too soon for harvest. They are attacked by a dragon. One man is killed and the rest are surrounded by fire. Quinn, Creedy Gerard Butler , and Jared Scott Moutter rescue them with old fire engines, but the dragon kills Eddie's son before escaping. Van Zan has a system for hunting dragons and knows their weakness: poor vision during twilight.

With Quinn's help, Van Zan, Alex, and their team hunt and slay the dragon who destroyed the crops. The survivors enjoy a celebration at the castle that night but Van Zan is embittered by the loss of several of his men. Van Zan and Alex tell Quinn that all the dragons they have found have been female. The Americans believe there is only one male - if they kill it, the dragons can no longer reproduce.

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Although Quinn knows about the male dragon, which killed his mother, he refuses to help. Van Zan orders his soldiers to enlist the castle's best men, despite Quinn's argument that if they find the male it will kill them and find the castle.

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Tempers again fray between Van Zan and Quinn and in an attempt to stop them taking the castle's men away, Quinn attacks Van Zan and a fight ensues. After being separated by the crowd, Van Zan regroups his men and they prepare to depart, leaving Quinn beaten and helpless to stop them. The dragon then finds the castle and kills most of the inhabitants. Quinn gets the survivors to a bunker but they are trapped when the dragon returns and during its final attack, Creedy is killed. Van Zan and Jensen return and free everyone trapped in the bunker.

Quinn decides to help Van Zan and Alex hunt down the male dragon.

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They fly to London and find hundreds of small dragons, one of which is cannibalized by the larger male. Van Zan plans to shoot explosives down the dragon's throat with a crossbow. He fires, but the dragon destroys the arrow and eats Van Zan. Quinn and Alex lure the dragon to ground level, where Quinn fires another explosive into the dragon's mouth, killing it.

Later, Quinn and Alex erect a radio tower on a hill overlooking the North Sea. There has been no dragon sighting for over three months. Jared arrives to say they have contacted a group of French survivors who want to speak to their leader. Quinn tells Jared he is now their leader and dedicates himself to rebuilding.

Permission was given on the condition that the area was not damaged and the crew removed all sets once filming was complete. However an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Europe stopped many planned scenes from being filmed due to quarantine restrictions. The dead dragon was designed and built by Artem , with visual effects by Secret Lab. The dragon's digital effects posed a unique problem for animators:. The surfaces of these creatures have generally been constructed by layering painted textures atop displacement maps.

This gives the model texture, but the scales stretch and shrink under the movement of the creature, giving a rubbery look that is not realistic.


In order to overcome this limitation, the groundbreaking work done by digital effects animator Neil Eskuri on Disney's release Dinosaur was utilized as a benchmark in order to create a realistic physical simulation of the dragon. The artistic direction required each dragon to have wings that transition between a variety of physical behaviors and interact with the environment. If you like Reign of Fury, you may also like:. A dark piece of art!

Good and transparent production, amazing songs with a dark and athmopsheric vibe.

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Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge. Also, try not to put too much importance on the ridiculous song titles. Atmospheric progressive Death Metal meets black opera, meets intelligent lyrics about a dying earth and human scum. May the slimy goddess be with you!

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Sleep at the Edge of the Earth by Wilderun. I'm one of the few people who actually enjoy their first album more, but it doesn't mean that I'm deaf to the brilliance of this one. A masterpiece of progressive folk that needs to be in everyone's collection. Apocalyptic thrash?

Fist-pumping hooks? Unquestionable evil?

  • How many words can you make out of reign.
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