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There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.

Flip the Script: How the Stories You Tell Yourself Define Your Life

Simply because your life is the result of your decisions — whether they are made consciously or unconsciously. And even the act of not making a decision is a decision. You cannot determine life events — they are a given — but you are not defined by them either.

Negativity, doubt and self-criticism are often

The proof is that people faced with similar tragedies have often shaped themselves very different destinies. This was done through the decisions they made. For a s Carl Jung reminds us:. When you are always angry, your life is only anger. But you are not your stories. The hidden gifts of emotions Emotion in itself is not unhappiness.

Flip the Script: How the Stories You Tell Yourself Define Your Life

And most importantly, emotions are your change agents. So why is this all so important? The type of structure generated by clear expectations i. They can relax in knowing that they are on the right track.

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I believe that employers are confusing trying to make everyone happy with positive culture. When you are the leader, not only do you not have anyone to whom you can complain about your job, but now I am telling you that you have to actively make people upset with you in order to drive a positive culture?! Want to learn more about how this equation can work for you? Contact us for a consultation.

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I'm Ugly - Spoken Word Poetry

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